sail on, sailors

Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos portrays the small racing boats of the International 110 Class Association as “The working class of sailing.”

One execution shows a well-to-do couple out for a ride on their pricey boat when the following exchange ensues: “Honey, what are the ugly people doing today?” The reply: “They’re sailing 110s.”

Another effort shows cuddling yuppies steering a yacht. Text reads, “Under certain conditions, any sailor will become nauseous. For a 110 sailor, looking at this picture will do it.”

The pro-bono push was helmed by Joe Berkeley, svp, group creative director at the Boston agency and a 110 Class racer. Berkeley hopes to promote interest in the boats, which are manufactured by different companies and sell for about $20,000. Used 110s sell for as little as $2,000, Berkeley said.

Executions will be posted nationwide in marinas, restaurants and other places frequented by recreational sailors.