Sagon-Phior Holding Class for Car Stereo Buyers

LOS ANGELES-Driver’s ed teachers are a different breed.
“They’re missing fingers. They’ve spent time in jail. Everyone’s got a story about their
driver’s ed teacher,” said Glenn Sagon, CEO and creative director at Sagon-Phior Group.
To give its Kenwood ads extra bite, then, the Sherman Oaks, Calif., shop created a driver’s ed spokesman, played by stand-up comic Michael Dane. “[Dane’s] comedy has a sarcastic edge to it,” Sagon said. “That appeals to this group.”
The group, 18-24-year-old men who are car stereo junkies, is the target of two print spreads. They show Dane’s face and pithy narrative on the left and technical product info on the right. “Now your head can talk to your amp and your amp will listen-unlike the chuckleheads in my driver’s ed class,” Ed says in one. A third print ad touts a rebate promotion.
A TV spot-Kenwood’s first on Sagon’s watch-is much the same, with Dane airing out his abrasive comedy. The tagline is, “Because your ears aren’t stupid.”
The print work recalls a recent Toyota effort from Saatchi & Saatchi that also used an
“Ed” character offering car-related advice [Adweek, April 5]. Sagon said his agency was working on the “Ed” theme before Saatchi’s ads broke, and chalked it up to coincidence.