Safety-Minded Jaguar

Having helped set the standard for style, Jaguar now wants to talk more about substance. The luxury car maker will launch a campaign this week focusing on the safety of the Jaguar X-Type’s all-wheel drive feature.

Spending on the campaign, which will run through March, is just under $20 million, according to sources.

“Consumers continue to give Jaguar a lot of credit for style,” said Chris Arkell, vp and account director at Young & Rubicam in Irvine, Calif, which created the campaign. “What we needed to work on, from a perception standpoint, is substance, meaning technology and engineering. We wanted to play up the all-wheel drive and work to heighten nameplate awareness with the Jaguar X-Type.”

Standard all-wheel drive differentiates the X-Type, said Sharon Corrigan, retail communications manager for the client in Irvine.

Campaign elements are linked by a claw, to illustrate the importance of four-wheel drive, said Rich Siegel, Y&R svp and group creative director. “We wanted to leave a lasting image of this car as a car that holds the road,” he said.

One 30-second television spot has the X-Type motoring along just as a storm is about to hit. As lightning strikes and the car crosses a bridge, animated claws dig into the road. A voiceover says: “The 2003 Jaguar X-Type. The only car in its class with permanent all-wheel drive. Standard. The road is at your mercy.”

The campaign also includes print, radio, outdoor, online and direct components. K