Saatchi Sportsmanship

Saatchi & Saatchi chief executive Kevin Roberts hopes to help his agency reach its peak performance by following the lead of pro sports’ top teams.
In a speech delivered at the State of the World Forum in San Francisco on Oct. 30, Roberts outlined the 10 management principles used by championship sports organizations to boost performance. Based on studies of teams such as football’s San Francisco 49ers, baseball’s Atlanta Braves and basketball’s Chicago Bulls, those ideals are used by Saatchi–and can be used by any company–to sustain peak performance, Roberts claimed.
According to Roberts, key elements of top teams include inspirational players such as Michael Jordan, a commitment to mentoring, constant experimentation and the organization’s ability to share its dream.
Saatchi shared its own dream by marketing the six-day event pro bono and splashing the agency moniker all over the Forum Web site and commemorative items.
Between his public appearances, Roberts hung out with movie star and fellow rugby fan Robin Williams, who lives nearby.
–Joan Voight