Saatchi Breaks Ads for Barclays, S.F. Exploratorium

SAN FRANCISCO-On the heels of several upper-level management changes, Saatchi & Saatchi’s office here has launched campaigns for two visible accounts.

The work breaking now is an extension of an earlier campaign for the $20 million Barclays Global Investors account and a new push for the San Francisco Exploratorium.

The work for Barclays continues to use storylines that feature well-heeled investors. In the first spot, “Fancy Car,” a man is shown buying his dream car with money he made in the stock market.

After he leaves the dealership, the man turns on the car radio and learns that his worth has dropped 93 percent. He then drives the car into a used-car lot.

Durk Barnhill, who was named the shop’s general manager earlier this month, said the ads are meant to convey that a diverse range of investments—like those offered by the client—can minimize risks to investors.

“[We’ve tried to] present specific benefits in the context of today’s climate instead of a laundry list of complex features,” Barnhill said.

The second spot, “Fountain of Youth,” unveils a humorous situation involving an 83-year-old snowboarder who checks into a hospital. A voiceover says that advances in medicine can work wonders for investments—as well as the aging process.

Separately, the shop kicked off a campaign for the San Francisco Exploratorium’s latest exhibit, which shows how movies and TV shows are created. The campaign is the first for the client since Saatchi won the business last fall.

The push consists of two TV spots, titled “You” and “Credits.” In the commercials, the agency hypes the exhibit using mock movie trailers and ends with credits for the films.

Billings for the Exploratorium work were not released.

Saatchi’s San Francisco office also does work for E-Loan,, Procter & Gamble and Score! Learning.