Saatchi Bows Solara Convertible

TV, Print, Interactive Ads Urge Consumers to ‘Have Fun With It’
LOS ANGELES–With a new TV commercial for flagship client Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles is encouraging consumers to enjoy themselves more.
“The new Solara convertible. Have fun with it,” is the tagline backing the Torrance, Calif.-based automaker’s new car, which was unveiled in June as an alternative to the Solara coupe.
The 30-second spot was launched nationally along with an interactive and print campaign. The latter is appearing in publications such as InStyle, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. Toyota spends about $20 million of its $300 milllion ad buget on the Solara.
“We wanted to use the convertible to enhance the overall image of the coupe. The intent was to leverage the style and excitement of the convertible,” said Bill Gordon, management director at the Torrance agency. “This certainly stands out and demonstrates how fun a convertible can be.”
The spot, titled “Freedom,” began airing nationally in recent weeks. It features a couple driving on a winding mountain road. The woman looks at the man as he is driving and smiles mischievously. Seconds later, her leopard-skin blouse blows in the wind, eventually unbuttoning as a result. It then falls off completely and flutters in the wind. More of the couple’s clothing eventually joins the blouse, floating in the wind as the car continues on the winding road.
The “Freedom” spot is intended to attract empty nesters who have tired of minivans and consumers in their 30s and 40s who are looking to reward themselves with a new convertible, Gordon said.
“The strategy was to make the car appealing and fun. It’s so much fun that the couple is throwing their cares to the wind, as well as their clothes,” Gordon said.
The creative team on Solara at Saatchi includes creative directors Miles Turpin and Steve Landrum, art director Mick Kuesil, copywriter Anne Madden, interactive creative director Nate Hackstock and TV producer Richard Bendetti. K