Ryan Reynolds Loves Super Bowl Commercials, Except When He Has to Pay for Them

So he's letting people try Mint Mobile for free, as announced in a New York Times ad

Ryan Reynolds bought a majority stake in the budget wireless company in November.
Ryan Reynolds bought a majority stake in the budget wireless company in November.
Headshot of Kathryn Lundstrom

Rather than cough up the $5.6 million to run an ad during the Super Bowl, Mint Mobile thought it could use its money a little more wisely this year.

According to an ad for the budget mobile carrier that ran in The New York Times today, Mint Mobile owner (and subscriber) Ryan Reynolds crunched some numbers. For $5 million, the brand “could literally give away over 300,000 months of service and still save money.”

So that’s what it’s doing. For any new customers who sign up for wireless service plans between kickoff and the moment the play clock hits zero on Super Bowl Sunday, Mint Mobile will waive the $15 per month cost of the service.

“I love Super Bowl ads,” Reynolds said. “Except, apparently, when I have to pay for them. Mint Mobile is premium wireless for an almost suspiciously great price. So instead of creating a pricey ad trying to convince people to try Mint, we’re going to let them try it for free.”

Last year, Mint Mobile made its Super Bowl debut with a chunky splash. The brand’s in-house creative team worked with Ruffian Productions to create the viscerally memorable, though potentially divisive, Chunky Style Milk ad.

The company was launched in 2016 as a way to try to provide more affordable wireless coverage. Reynolds purchased an ownership stake last fall.

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