Ryan Reynolds Is Partnering with Best Buy After a Bitter History

Customers can now switch to Mint Mobile through the electronics company

Reynolds reminisces on his complicated history with the tech company. Ryan Reynolds/Mint Mobile

Growing up, Ryan Reynolds dreamed of fixing devices, running diagnostics and offering 24/7 tech support as a member of Best Buy’s Geek Squad. 

But when the whole tech support thing didn’t work out, he settled on becoming an A-list celebrity instead. (Darn.)

In his latest Mint Mobile ad, Reynolds finally decides to forgive Best Buy for that devastating rejection letter he received in the ’90s. The ad explains that Mint Mobile is partnering with the electronics company to sell more phone plans—Mint Unlimited is now available in almost 1,000 Best Buys. 

According to Reynolds, this partnership is not only a win for Mint Mobile but also “a deeply personal achievement.”

Best Buy also chimed in on Twitter, issuing Reynolds an honorary Geek Squad badge and, in kind, forgiving Reynolds for the often-panned Green Lantern film.

This tongue-in-cheek ad is par for the course from Reynolds, who has built Mint Mobile’s brand image by taking light-hearted digs at his competitors, employing dry humor bits and offering brutal honesty.

Last week, he announced Mint Mobile’s holiday discount by comparing the common ploy from “big wireless” to get customers to spend more than ever during the Holidays to a bear trap. 

Reynolds has also been transparent about his shortcomings in the tech world, with a previous ad pulling in an expert to help him wrap his head around what 5G actually means‚ so a new ad that reminds users of his outsider position in the highly-exclusive world of tech comes as no surprise.

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