When Media Directions Advertising, Knoxville, Tenn., was charged with doing radio spots for the Hooters restaurant chain, they faced a challenge. The agency had to decide whether to try to soften the company’s image – often criticized for its suggestive name and waitresses’ snug attire – or make a strong bid for those who aren’t offended by Hooters’ style.
The latter course was chosen, and who better to carry the banner than the darling of the conservative right, Rush Limbaugh?
In the spot, Limbaugh urges ‘feminazis’ and ‘environmental whackos’ to assemble at Hooters to protest the shameless exploitation of women and animals.
‘Where do you think these chicken wings come from?’ Limbaugh asks in the radio ad. ‘Chickens! Cute little chickens. And who do you think serves these chicken wings? Women! That’s who. Attractive women! How bad can it get?’
The ad ran in several markets across the country and has given the agency a new direction for its ad plans for Hooters. On the drawing board are plans for more radio spots using sound-alikes of figures like Ross Perot.
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