Ad executives who think 12-hour days and airport layovers are rough may have little to complain about compared with one agency staffer.

Tracy Gray, an account director with Gardner Geary Coll in San Francisco, worked a full-time schedule this spring and summer while preparing for Iron Man USA, one of the must brutal triathlons on earth. In addition to her account work, Gray trained three to four hours a day, six times a week. And in an average week, she rode 100 miles on her bike, ran 40 miles and swam 12,000 yards.

“This was something you can’t take lightly,” said Gray, 36. “I’ve had bad days at work, but you never know how tough things can be until you train for an Iron Man.”

Gray, in her third season of competing in the event, ate plenty in preparation: eggs and bagels in the morning, turkey sandwiches for lunch, chicken for dinner—and an occasional beer and burger.

She said finishing the July 30 race in Lake Placid, New York, was one of her greatest accomplishments.

Well, it’s hard to argue with that.