Rumbletree Breaks PSNH Spots

Rumbletree contends that power is the key to life in a multimedia campaign for Public Service of New Hampshire, the state’s primary elec tricity provider.

One spot shows customers using computers, reading to their kids and teaching. A voice over says, “What would you do if you had the power? The power to create, the power to invent, to teach, to build. The power to unite. What would you do with all that power? What wouldn’t you do?” Another ad says, “You have the power to inspire, to challenge and explore … The power to make a difference. It’s your power, use it well.”

The campaign includes three broadcast executions, radio and print work. Targeting essentially all of New Hampshire, the spots attempted to recast the client as the source of power that people need to go about their everyday lives, said David Wold, president of the Port s mouth, N.H., shop.

The spots carry the same tagline PSNH has been using for the past four years: “Supporting your life in every moment.”

Rumbletree won the business in January after the client conducted an informal review. Consultants and freelancers handled previous advertising chores.