Rubin Postaer Kicks Off 4 TV Spots for

The often strained relationship between men and the traditional shopping experience is the focus of new tongue-in-cheek TV spots created by Rubin Postaer and Associates for its Web-based client

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency is launching four 30-second commercials beginning Wednesday for the e-tailer. The spots debuting this week are among 13 based on the theme that guys love to shop. The ads are scheduled to run in spot markets, including New York and San Francisco.

RPA also handles media for the Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based dot-com company as part of its work on the account, which is valued between $7-10 million.

While RPA has plans for possible outdoor work, will continue to coordinate its print work in-house.

“It is definitely talking to men and speaking to the mentality that when I know what I want, I go in and get it,” said William Mericle, the account’s co-creative director.

Mericle and fellow co-creative partner Paul Janas created the spots out of RPA’s Chicago office.

With titles such as “Auction,” “Keepsake,” “Chat Room” and “Mall Smells,” the agency uses a bit of humor to hammer home the ironic theme of guys who love shopping.

The tagline “Get in. Get out,” tries to position as the place for people who know what they want and prefer hassle-free shopping.

“Mall Smells” interviews a man at an actual mall about his shopping preferences. Shot in documentary style, “You wonder if this guy is for real, before you realize it’s absurd,” added Mericle.