R&R Keeps It Quiet for Vegas

LOS ANGELES R&R Partners has introduced two new spots in the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s “What happens here stays here” campaign, according to the agency.

In “Pool,” four bikini-clad women relax by a hotel pool. One asks another, “What’s with the phone? You had that out all night.” She explains that the phone doubles as a camera that takes video clips, causing visible consternation among the other women. The spot closes as the phone falls through the frame, apparently thrown into the water by the women.

“Clovergrove” uses extortion as a joke. A man completing yard work for a regular customer goes to the house for payment, asking for $75. The homeowner remarks that the job usually runs $30. The worker says, “I went to Las Vegas last weekend. Pretty crazy. Although it seemed that you were having a much better time.” The homeowner sheepishly capitulates.

The client spends more than $45 million annually on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

“We made an effort to keep the storylines and narrative fresh and interesting,” said Randy Snow, R&R executive vice president and creative director, speaking about the “Pool” spot. “We had considered earlier in the campaign film in cameras, but no one has film in cameras any more. But with camera phones now ubiquitous, the change in technology played right into our hand.”

Of the potentially more controversial “Clovergrove,” Snow said the Las Vegas agency has been liberated by audiences now familiar with the campaign theme and who “know not to take the ads seriously. The audience helps us.”

Snow said there was “discussion and debate” about such details as how much extra money the landscaper should request. “There’s a different attitude in the ‘Clovergrove’ spot, and it’s probably not one we’d have done in the first year of the campaign,” he said. “We’re trying to keep it light and in the spirit of the campaign.”

The two spots run through the summer; two new commercials are scheduled for the fall.