R&R Heads to the ‘Burbs for New Vegas Spot

LOS ANGELES Independent R&R Partners’ latest television effort on behalf of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority broke late last week, the agency said.

It is the client’s third campaign installment so far this year, a continuation of the work that has made “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” a pop-culture catchphrase, an R&R representative said. But this time, there’s a twist.

“We’re further into the evolution of the campaign,” said Rob Dondero, executive vice president of the Las Vegas shop, noting that the new spot, “Parents,” does not feature any footage of the city’s neon-lit Strip. “This isn’t even set in Vegas. Really, we’re developing a brand rather than a product.”

Set in any suburb, anywhere, the 30-second “Parents” is clearly “real-life inspired,” said agency creative director Randy Snow. The commercial begins with footage of a teenager in a house-cleaning frenzy, urgently gathering pizza boxes and soda cans after what appears to have been a wild weekend. When his mother and father stroll in the house moments later, the kid “is panicking like a deer in headlights,” Snow said.

Upon being asked what he did all weekend, the teenager nervously—and not surprisingly—says, “Nothin’.” But then, the twist: The kid asks his mom and dad what they did all weekend. After exchanging equally nervous glances, his parents reply, “Nothin’!” and escape up the stairs. Text on a black background reads, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

“Anyone with children over the age of 13 can identify,” Snow laughed.

This marks the agency’s second spot for the LVCVA that does not showcase scenes of Las Vegas itself, Snow said. The city was not featured in R&R’s Super Bowl commercial, “Punch Drunk,” either.

“The campaign has evolved in people’s minds: They get the joke,” an agency rep explained of the series’ subtle changes. “So, now where do you take it?”

The LVCVA’s 2005 broadcast media buy is estimated at $32 million, and includes placement on network TV as well as cable channels such as Bravo, MTV, Fine Living, MSNBC, Fox, Travel Channel and E!, according to R&R.

“Parents” will rotate through the end of the year, along with two already-released spots and two yet-to-launch executions. A new episode will hit the airwaves in June, Snow said.