Royal mistake

Gigante Vaz & Partners has walked away in disgust from the $10-million Royal Mistic flavored spring water review. The Parsippany, NJ.-based agency, which was the incumbent on the business. fired off a letter last Friday to Joseph Victori Wines head Joseph Urnbach in which it listed several reasons for its decision. Those including the use of “college marketing students, salesmen and clerical staff to judge storyboards and concepts.” The letter also mentioned that it was impossible to continue on the business because of Victori’s “drastically discounted compensation structure.”
Paul Gigante. president/creative director, said his agency alone had presented 30 campaigns during the review and another 20 last year. The client, which reportedly has narrowed the review to three shops, could not be reached for comment. At least 30 shops had initially sought the account.
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