Royal Caribbean Battles Winter Blues

BOSTON Royal Caribbean this week launches a new national campaign via Havas’ Arnold. The work will run in selected markets-namely, New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia-primarily during cold and stormy weather, the agency said.

One of the spots opens with snow and sleet pelting people wearing heavy winter clothes, hoods and scarves covering their faces. The scene then shifts to show vacationers enjoying outdoor sports activities on a Royal Caribbean cruise. “Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see your friends this winter?” a voiceover asks, extolling consumers to log on to the client’s Web site and book travel on Royal Caribbean today.

The TV effort from Boston’s Arnold will be supported by online banner ads which read, “You can wait for warm weather or go find it. Get started now.” The overall campaign retains the client’s familiar “Get out there” positioning.

The Miami-based cruise line spent about $75 million on ads last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.