ROO, 24/7 to Bring Behavior to Video Ads

NEW YORK Web video network ROO said it has inked a deal for ad network 24/7 Real Media to sell pre-roll video ads to run before ROO content.

24/7 Real Media plans to use its OnTarget behavioral targeting network to serve video ads based on user behavior. For the most part, Web publishers have done little targeting in the relatively new area of video advertising, which has seen demand outstrip supply in many cases.

ROO provides video content to small and medium-size Web sites, including and iWon. Its library of 7,000 videos includes music, news, sports and entertainment, most of which it licenses from providers like the Associated Press and Reuters. It streams about 50 million videos per month, according the company.

“We feel it’s important to work on behavioral targeting today, so as the audience grows and the ability is there to drill down on specific audiences, we’ll already by there,” said Greg Verdino, vice president of client services at New York-based ROO.

With Web video in demand, content and advertising networks are popping up to supply smaller Web sites with the ability to show video. Lightningcast, a Washington, D.C., firm, plans to launch a video ad network, and the AP is starting its own video net for the more than 6,500 newspaper and broadcast members of its cooperative.