Romann Capitalizes on Gen 0’s Cheapness

NEW YORK The Romann Group aims to get young butts in the seats of 1800cheap-, a discount travel site that will start using music and guerilla marketing to grab 18- to 25-year-olds from big-name competitors.

“After a market begins to mature, you have to start segmenting,” said Gad Romann, CEO of the New York agency that crafted the campaign. “The younger segment that have to travel, no matter what, they always find the money.”

Sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia offer low fares and hotel rates to a very broad audience, said Romann. And while most people like to save money, what sets “Generation 0” apart is that “they actually like being cheap … they don’t want to pay for a damn thing.”

In addition to creating wild postings and rolling out branded Toyota Scions in key U.S. cities this week and next, Romann has written a song intended to be an anthem for Gen 0. The song, which will be blasted from the Scions, includes lyrics like “Prom queen ain’t my scene/I like my dates cheap and lean” and “For us zero is a prime number/Checks we write have a lot of rubber.” The chorus includes one of the campaign’s theme lines, “Freedom’s great, but free is better.” Outdoor ads are tagged,”We fight daily for the cheapest seats.”

Romann said the advertiser is working with LidRock to get 500,000 CDs distributed via the domed plastic lids on beverage containers. Romann also said he is hoping to get the song released on FM radio, initially without a mention of its sponsor.