Romann Bows Optimum Ads

The Romann Group has launched an integrated campaign for Optimum Online, a Cablevision Systems Corp. product that is an alternative to connecting to the Internet via telephone lines.
Tagged, “Log on for the rest of your life,” the ads position Optimum as fast, easy to install and built to last.
One TV spot contrasts a phone-company laborer drilling holes into a wall to install a new line
–“old technology”–with a boy who plugs into Optimum Online on his own.
Another spot shows a boss trying to reach an employee who is supposed to send him an electronic file. The minion’s line is busy, as his computer is plugged into the phone line. “That guy burns my biscuits,” the boss growls. His mood changes, however, when the employee uses Optimum, and the bigwig offers him a bonus.
“This is a highly personal campaign aimed at consumers who have a real need for technology,” said Gad Romann, the New York shop’s creative director.
Romann won the Optimum business without a review, on the strength of past work for various e-commerce clients, such as New Jersey Online and Auction Universe. New York shop Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners retains the majority of the parent company’s advertising duties.
The endeavor also includes print, outdoor and radio ads, in addition to brochures, how-to videos, in-store displays and direct-mail efforts. Romann and the Bethpage, N.Y., client declined to discuss billings. Competitors such as MCI and BellSouth spend $12-15 million annually to advertise similar products, per Competitive Media Reporting.