Romani Bros. Educates Public About Rotary

CHICAGO Romani Bros. depicts the good works Rotary International has done over its 100-year history in a new campaign for the global network of community volunteers.

A collection of four television spots is intended to modernize the charitable organization’s image and educate consumers about its projects. One spot shows children throwing off crutches and going to school as a voiceover talks about the group’s works in helping the hungry and curbing dropout rates.

Two commercials put a heavy emphasis on Rotary’s commitment to eradicating polio worldwide. One ad shows a lone tree in an African field as a voiceover explains it was not cut down to make a crutch (“that was never needed”) because of Rotary’s work in helping supply polio vaccine. The second spot shows a girl dancing while a narrator talks about Rotary’s $600 million in contributions and volunteer commitments to immunize 2 billion people.

The spots employ “Humanity in motion” as a theme line.

The Evanston, Ill., organization was founded in February 1905 by Chicago attorney Paul Harris, who was looking to establish a professional club that reflected the small town communities he grew up in. The Rotary expanded worldwide and has set up a foundation for humanitarian grants. In 1985, the group began a commitment to eradicate polio.

Spending on the effort was not disclosed. Romani Bros. is an independent Chicago agency.