Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

National anti-smoking sentiment has not stopped E-Z Wider, a marketer of cigarette rolling papers, in its attempts to infuse the product with a shot of not-so-subtle sexual innuendo in a new campaign from RocketScience Creative.
Print ads from the New York shop depict a hand-rolled cigarette, which doubles as a timeline. Labeled markers on the cigarette track various points of a flirtatious encounter. In one ad (shown here) promoting a line of slow-burning paper, the “Light” mark corresponds with “She asked me for a smoke.” “Enjoy” corresponds with “I asked if she had some time.” A lipstick mark denotes the point at which “She sat down next to me.” “End” corresponds with ” and ordered a gallon of wine!”
Another ad refers to a woman crashing an all-male poker game and coming home with a pair of boxer shorts as a souvenir. The ads, in tones of orange and brown, carry the tagline, “Roll with it.”
Targeted at both men and women, 18-34, the campaign will break in alternative newspapers in Northeastern states in October.
-Sloane Lucas