Rockwell Review Leads to Wyse

After a six-month review that started with about 50 agencies, Rockwell International selected Wyse Advertising for its $8-10 million account.
The Milwaukee-based company used a system called the “Strategic Sourcing Initiative” to choose the Cleveland agency. It’s the same system used to “leverage buying power for materials like wire, cable, plastic, steel, PC hardware and software and contract employees,” the company said in a release.
Barry Jereb, manager of marketing communications for Rockwell Automation, acknowledged it is unique to apply such “supply management principles” to an agency search. “The agencies said they wound up learning quite a bit about themselves,” Jereb said.
He declined to name contenders in the review, which came down to a “handful” of finalists before the selection of Wyse.
Wyse will be agency of record for Rockwell brands including Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software and Rockwell Electronic commerce.
Ad work was previously spread among several shops. The relationship does not include Rockwell Collins or Rockwell Automation Power Systems. K