Rockport ‘Chooses to Walk’

BOSTON Who says you can’t get there by walking?
Rockport has launched a global campaign via Interpublic Group’s Hill, Holliday that positions the brand as a key element in active, fulfilling lifestyles by showcasing achievers who “Choose to walk.”
Portrayed in the ads are: eco-designers Matthew Berman and Andrew Kotchen, who create sustainable homes; Tony-winning theater producer Marc Falato, who gave up a career on Wall Street to follow his Broadway dream; and Celine Cousteau, who, as her famous surname would suggest, has dedicated her life to exploring and protecting marine life.
The goal of the print-based push, per Rockport, is to communicate the notion that Rockport helps empower these people to achieve their goals.
“Everyone wants to look good. And everyone wants to feel good. If you can do both at the same time, odds are you’ll achieve more. That’s what this campaign is about,” explained David Banta, vp, cd at Hill, Holliday in Boston.
“Choose to walk” launches at month’s end in 70 countries. Spending was not disclosed. Rockport’s domestic paid-media outlay was $5 million last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.
In-store displays, Web iterations and out-of-home elements are also in the mix.
The new work succeeds last year’s “Live in Rockport” push, which featured lifestyle themes but was far less aspirational.
Rockport is a unit of global footwear and clothing giant Adidas.

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