Rockfish Assigns Creative to Loomis

DALLAS The Loomis Agency said it has picked up the creative portion of the Rockfish Seafood Grill account without a review.

The Dallas-based restaurant chain, which has created advertising in-house, will continue to handle media.

Client director of marketing Christine Gardner said the chain is a “fast-growing concept” that needs an agency to “focus on the brand.”

The client currently uses the tag, “Great seafood. Not a lot of clams,” but expects future work from Loomis to focus on its freshness and quality, Gardner said. “We want to make sure we’re delivering the highest seafood product at casual-dining prices,” she said.

She said Loomis “understood Rockfish and where we wanted to go” and is a good match in terms of personality. She added, “It helped they had some background with restaurants and have done a great job with Dairy Queen.” (Loomis won the ad account of the Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council last June.)

Dallas-based Loomis will handle the client’s brand development, print, radio and outdoor advertising, and other creative services like menu design and store decor.

The client has a limited partnership with Brinker International, which operates other casual-dining operations like Chili’s and Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Rockfish has 20 locations in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico and plans to open four more this year.

Billings are undisclosed. Rockfish has done limited advertising since launching five years ago; TNS Media Intelligence/CMR reports no spending last year.

Fishbowl of Alexandria, Va., will continue to handle e-mail messaging campaigns for the client.