RockBit Gets Marketing Makeover

ATLANTA The HLA Group has developed a new corporate identity for RockBit International that includes changing the company’s name to Ulterra, redesigning the logo and introducing the tagline, “Breaking new ground,” the shop said.

“Rebranding under this vibrant new name reflects the strides we are taking to establish the company as the strongest, fastest and most efficient option for the oil and gas industry,” said Bob Harrison, CEO of the Fort Worth, Texas-based manufacturer of drilling bits.

The Tampa, Fla., independent shop coined the new corporate name from combining “ultimate” with “terra,” the Latin word for earth. The new logo depicts a metallic orb, representing earth, with a cutaway to the core forming a yellow “U.” The tagline carries the double meaning of referring to Ulterra’s role as drill bit manufacturer and its goal of setting new standards for the industry.

HLA is designing and creating new stationery, electronic and print catalogs, and collateral material. A new public relations and ad campaign to promote the change is planned for later this year.

Ulterra opened in 1927 as Globe Oil Tools and offered tungsten carbide drilling bits. Now, the company supplies custom drill bits using polycrystalline diamond material and equipment that measures the depth of a hole as it is being drilled.