A Rock and a Hard Place

There are basically two things you can do if you misplace a diamond worth $6 million. Jump off a building or take out an ad.

At Brinks, the world’s largest diamond and gold delivery firm, they chose the latter—pleading in newspapers worldwide last week for the return of what is being called an “unbelievably clear and extremely rare” 162.5-carat diamond that somehow went missing during a recent flight from Switzerland to South Africa.

Nicholas Trowbridge of Brinks in Switzerland said professional thieves are almost certainly to blame, though how they might have seized the stone remains a mystery. “It is a massive loss,” Trowbridge told The Scotsman, adding, “We can only be pleased that nobody was killed.”

While an ad like this practically cries out for a wacky treatment à la Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Brinks kept it simple and sober—asking anyone with info to call one of two telephone numbers. It also offered a reward of $300,000 for the jewel’s return.

Christoph Berquet of U.K. insurer Lloyds, which is helping Swiss authorities search for the stone, said of the ad, “We will at the very least have substantially increased our chances of getting the diamond back.” It is also thought that the publicity will make it more difficult for the thieves should they try to sell the gem. PETER KASKONS/INDEX STOCK/PICTURE QUEST