Road Rage

Further proof that Wile E. Coyote will never catch the Road Runner can be found in a new TV commercial for the Cartoon Network by Renegade Animation of Burbank, Calif.

Using a blend of live action and animation, the 60-second spot spoofs TV’s Law & Order. The cops, it seems, have nabbed the Road Runner and need Coyote to I.D. him. (“Think back,” says the grumpy officer. “Spring day in the desert. You have springs on your feet …”) The Road Runner is joined in the lineup by Foghorn Leghorn, Tweety Bird and Beaky Buzzard, each of whom is told to offer a “beep, beep.” To the cop’s disgust, Coyote sheepishly picks out the wrong bird.

Although it’s left unclear what charges the Road Runner was facing, the cop snarls that he is “just going to go out and do it again.”

Ashley Postlewaite, co-founder of Renegade, admits that the spot leaves viewers hanging a bit. Still, she says, it makes its point. “I guess it’s saying that even with the cops’ help, Coyote can’t catch the Road Runner,” she says.