“It’s about moving forward,” asserts a new environmental report for Toyota Motor North America. “Looking ahead. Taking a position, working towards it, and making a commitment to a better world, now and in the future.”

The report, distributed recently at Toyota’s second environmental seminar, held in conjunction with the Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas Electric Transportation Industry Conference in Sacramento, Calif., was created by Oasis in New York. It is the first of its kind for Toyota Motor North America, and can be downloaded from envi ronment.

Titled “Strive,” the colorful, photo-filled booklet targets nongov ernment organizations, lobbyists and opinion leaders, and outlines Toyota’s “goals for a better environment.”

The report details the steps the car maker is taking to produce cleaner vehicles, reduce greenhouse gases and manage waste. A glossary of technical terms appears in the booklet, which was printed with soy ink on recycled paper.

“We really wanted to mirror what Toyota’s do ing,” said Linda Watson, account director on Toyota Corporate and Prius at Oasis. Avoiding the overuse of clichéd images, such as trees, was important in helping to convey the honesty of Toyota’s endeavors, she added.