Rives Previews the Sunday ‘Chronicle’

DALLAS Rives Carlberg’s new campaign for the Houston Chronicle promotes the paper’s Sunday edition through TV spots that will be updated each week to air editorial highlights for that day, the agency said.

Launched last Sunday by the Houston shop, the “Get up, get out and get it” campaign targets different readers, specifically young men, young women and Hispanic families.

For six weeks Rives will receive a Sunday editorial lineup from the Chronicle each Thursday morning. In the space of one day, the agency will incorporate that information in scripts, record the audio and edit the spots. The completed ads will then be submitted to the stations on Friday morning in order to air over the weekend.

The three basic spots will all feature a telephone answering machine and a caller encouraging a friend to pick up the Sunday edition of the Houston Chronicle.

In one spot targeting young women, the caller says, “Honey? It’s your mother. Listen! The Sunday Chronicle—the Travel section—has deals on romantic getaways, Valentine’s packages. Oh! Some great sales in here, too. Dad says check the Jobs section. Your old friend Katie? She found a job in the Chronicle, met somebody and her engagement picture was in here last week.” A voiceover ends the spot: “Get up, get out and get it—only in this Sunday’s Chronicle.”

The spots will air in the Houston market on Time Warner Cable and the CBS affiliate. The effort will also include radio support. Campaign spending is undisclosed.