Ritz Camera Puts Itself in the

Barber Martin Makes the Surreal Real in Retailer’s New Spots
ATLANTA – Barber Martin & Associates takes a page from both Salvador Dali and The X-Files in a pair of quirky new television commercials for retail client Ritz Camera Centers.
The television spots use the strange and the supernatural to stress the importance of having a camera handy for once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.
In the first television commercial, “Surreal,” an ordinary Joe walks past a china shop that has a stuffed bull’s head in the window. One of the animal’s eyes twitches ever so slightly, setting off a chain of increasingly bizarre visual events. An androgynous woman dressed in red passes the man on the street, slowing time and causing two champagne glasses in the store window to clink as if in a toast.
The increasingly puzzled protagonist then sees a dapper gentleman with his derby ablaze. That is followed by a lone man holding a bright yellow umbrella in the middle of the street as rain pours down upon him and no one else.
The television spot’s main character decides to hold off on taking any pictures until he catches up with his wife and child. He then starts snapping away.
The final voiceover in the ad tells viewers: “In a world full of photo opportunities, it’s good to know there’s a Ritz Camera. Because you never know when you might want to take a picture.”
The second television spot, titled “Paranormal,” follows a woman who has a similarly oddball afternoon, this time running into Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and a UFO.
Like the man, the woman chooses to delay her picture taking until she is reunited with family members (her husband and daughter). When the woman snaps the commercial’s closing visual, Bigfoot is seen lumbering across the back of the frame.
Both of Barber Martin & Associates’ television commercials employ the new tagline, “Capture your world.”
The creative work, shot at Universal Studios in Florida, represents the Richmond, Va., agency’s first effort for the Beltsville, Md.-based client since it won the estimated $4 million account in March.
The two commercials break today in select broadcast network markets and on cable television outlets, including Discovery Channel, Fox Family Channel and several Turner venues. – T.W. Siebert