Rio Suites “Queen of the Night”

For our high-minded readers (there must be a few of you out there), the phrase “Queen of the Night” will bring to mind the character of that name in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” The low-minded of you will suffer no such distraction in viewing this ad for Rio Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas by R&R Partners. The line of text below the Tarotesque visual urges you to “Give in to temptation and let destiny unfold.” You may not want to elevate Rio Suites to the role of long-term life coach, but this will come across as welcome advice for anyone planning a brief jaunt to Las Vegas. Another ad in the series, featuring “Three Vixens” in showgirl regalia, suggests “Your life could use some theatrics.” (It’s promoting a nightly show.) Depending on your taste in such matters, you’ll find the campaign a.) a little cheesy, or b.) unpretentious and exuberant. Those who lean toward a.) probably weren’t prime trip-to-Vegas material in the first place –Mark Dolliver