Riester-Robb Wins Recycling Review, Again

NEW YORK-The California State Department of Conservation’s second review for its Division of Recycling account has been awarded to Riester-Robb. The Phoenix-based agency had also won the $10 million-plus business in the first review.

The second search was launched after the finalists in the first review, including Asher/Gal, Los Angeles; and Lawrence, Mayo & Ponder, Newport Beach, Calif.; protested that Riester violated the state’s requirement that the winning agency have an office in the Golden State. At the time, Riester had only an account supervisor based in San Francisco.

When the review was restarted late last month, Riester-Robb president TIm Riester said the staffer in Northern California was just the first step in establishing a full-time office in California, and that the process of setting up shop in San Francisco was well underway.