RiechesBaird Spreads the ‘Truth’ About Provenance

RiechesBaird Advertising is launching a new line of dietary supplements and related products that will be sold only at department store cosmetic counters.
Herbalogix, Orange, Calif., handed the shop its $5 million account without a review, said Ray Baird, a partner at the Irvine, Calif., agency.
The Provenance line of vitamins, minerals and dietary and nutritional supplements was introduced at seven The Bon Marche stores in Seattle, and will roll out this week at Macy’s in New York, Baird said.
“We created teaser bus board ads that said, “Discover the truth,” in advance of the [late October] launch,” he said. Ads stating “The truth is out,” broke after the launch.
RiechesBaird will also craft radio, direct mail and point-of-sale materials, Baird said. –James Zoltak