Richards Touts Sanderson’s All-Natural Chicken

DALLAS The Richards Group breaks its first work for Sanderson Farms chicken Monday that is designed to promote the brand while doubling as a consumer education campaign about “enhanced” poultry.

Brad Todd, a principal at the Dallas agency, said many people are not aware that most supermarket chicken contains extra water, salt and phosphates.

“Chicken is perceived to be a commodity, yet the market has differentiated itself by adding salt and phosphates,” Todd said. “Sanderson is choosing not to, and we thought that was a defining characteristic.”

“Caged Bird” opens with two scientists working in a lab. As one approaches a metal cage that is shaking, the other tells him not to bother the caged chicken because it has been altered. A voiceover then says, “At Sanderson Farms, our chicken isn’t injected with any phosphates or broths. It’s always just 100 percent chicken. Any modifying is up to you.”

The spot concludes with the new tag, “100 percent chicken. Naturally.”

The two remaining spots follow a similar theme and use the same voice copy. In “Crime Scene,” two detectives survey an office where an altered chicken has gotten loose and destroyed the property. In “Terrified Campers,” three people huddle around a campfire while an enhanced chicken runs wild in the woods.

The TV, radio, interactive and outdoor campaign will break in various markets throughout Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. The initiative will run through February, followed by subsequent flights throughout 2004, the shop said. Richards/Gravelle, a Richards Group subsidiary, will handle public relations for the effort.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. Richards won the estimated $3 million account of the Laurel, Miss.-based chicken processor in a review last February.