Richards’ Flight Time With Bombardier Enables It To Land Corporate Fleet Of Galaxy Aerospace

A previous client relationship helped The Richards Group here land advertising duties for Galaxy Aerospace Corp., a producer of corporate aircraft.
The business, worth an estimated $2 million, will consist largely of print and collateral assignments, according to Dick Murray, The Richards Group principal heading the account.
Jeff Miller, vice president of corporate communications for Galaxy, said Richards was chosen without a formal review based on its experience in the category.
The agency’s resignation last month of its work for Bombardier’s Learjet paved the way for the pairing with Fort Worth, Texas-based Galaxy. Murray attributed the parting with Bombardier to philosophical differences, but said the split was amicable.
An existing relationship with Galaxy executives including president and chief executive officer Brian Barents, former president of Learjet, led to the new relationship.
Barents left Learjet in 1996 to help launch Galaxy, which began full-scale aircraft production this year. The company markets two business jets: the Astra SPX transcontinental plane and the new Galaxy widebody intercontinental model.
The Galaxy makes its first flight this month and will be available for sale next year.
In a statement, Barents said: “We have had an exciting year and all of the pieces are coming together for Galaxy. . . We want an agency that understands our unique needs during this time and is experienced marketing business jets. The Richards Group has the right combination.”
The agency’s initial work will include print executions promoting the Galaxy in publications like The Wall Street Journal, according to Miller.
Print was also the primary vehicle used by the agency to tout Bombardier’s Learjet. Murray said Galaxy’s aircraft are aimed at a similar audience, but do not necessarily compete directly with Learjet.