Richards: Drink More, Be Well

DALLAS: The Richards Group here has launched a new television campaign for the Florida Department of Citrus that features orange juice lovers who just cannot get enough.
Two 30-second commercials began airing last week. Those spots will be supplemented by three additional 30-second ads and three 15-second executions before year’s end. The work is airing on national network and cable stations.
The budget for the campaign was not disclosed, but the client has spent about $30 million on similar efforts in the past.
A Richards representative said the campaign will run initially through December and likely continue into 1998. The work continues to utilize the “Are you drinking enough?” tagline introduced by Richards in its debut work for the client in late 1996.
The humorous television spots tout the health benefits of orange juice while encouraging OJ lovers to get bigger drinking glasses.
One ad features a crazed twentysomething in a diner delivering a rant about the restaurant’s small orange juice glasses as an old man sitting next to him listens sympathetically. “Are we rationing here?” the younger man moans.
Another spot features a man (too old to be living at home) sitting at his mother’s kitchen table pondering the small juice serving in front of him. “Mom, I sure hope my inheritance isn’t this small,” he remarks dryly.
“The new commercials are an extension of our health and wellness strategy. We’ve been successfully communicating the benefits of Florida orange juice,” said Gene Richmond, marketing director of the Florida Department of Citrus, in a statement. “Now we’re communicating the benefits of drinking even more.”
Richard’s new campaign for the Florida citrus group was directed by Mark Story, known for his work on the Little Caesar’s commercials created by Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York.