Richards Calls on Teens for Nokia

Nokia, a player in the mobile phone field, is launching a new branding campaign aimed at the teen market.

Created by The Richards Group in Dallas, the print ad features Jennifer Love Hewitt, star of The Time of Your Life television series.

“Nokia chose Jennifer because she has broad appeal with the target audience,” said Peter Lempert, principal at Richards. “She readily reinforces what Nokia is trying to achieve in the teen market with its youthful-minded products.”

The ad will run in Seventeen and Teen People magazines in October and November.

The fourth quarter is viewed as the busiest quarter for sales of mobile phones.

Collateral in the form of point-of-sale material featuring Love Hewitt began appearing in telecommunications stores last week.

Her link with Nokia began in August with her appearance at the Teen Choice awards, which are supported by Nokia.

The actress is also featured in Nokia’s efforts with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization.

In a public service announcement, she appeals to teens and young adults to keep the lines of communication open between parents and friends.

“Jennifer Love Hewitt is a natural choice for Nokia,” said Keith Nowak, communications manager at the client’s U.S. headquarters in Irving, Texas. “Our newer models of phones with their different colors and customized ringing tones express a fun style and she is very much a part of that image.”