Richards: Be Healthy With Florida OJ

DALLAS The Richards Group has launched a national TV campaign for the Florida Department of Citrus that promotes the health benefits of making orange juice a part of a well-balanced diet, the agency said.

Introduced last week, the campaign by the Dallas shop includes a 30-second spot and a public service announcement produced with Shape Up America!, the North Potomac, Md.-based organization that promotes healthy weight management and increased physical activity.

Designed to revitalize orange juice sales and combat diet confusion among Americans, the campaign reminds consumers that daily consumption can combat heart disease, cancer, stroke, the common cold and the flu, the agency said.

“Health Drink” opens with a spokesman adding ingredients into a blender. He says, “If you wanted to create the ideal health drink, you’d want lots of vitamins, like the Vitamin C you find in rutabagas. And for thiamin, you can’t beat liver. And for Vitamin B6, Brussels sprouts. Plus minerals like potassium and magnesium.” As he turns off the blender and smells the dark brown liquid, he says, “Mmm … Or you could just drink a glass of Florida orange juice.” A voiceover then says, “Full of nutrients and antioxidants that may help fight heart disease, drink Florida orange juice every day.” The spot ends with the tagline, “The best start under the sun.” The spot will run on network, cable and syndicated TV until June 27.

Breaking on May 1, the PSA separates orange juice fact from fiction. It encourages people to begin their day with a balanced breakfast—like the one that includes a glass of 100 percent orange juice.

“Our goal is to provide families with the necessary tools to help them make informed decisions when choosing a healthy lifestyle,” said Bob Crawford, executive director of the FDOC. “We are committed to investing in research about the benefits of orange juice.”

Based in Lakeland, Fla., the FDOC is the country’s largest citrus producer and employs 90,000 people in Florida. Combining the client’s orange and grapefruit juice business, billings are estimated at $30 million, the shop said.