Revenue Science Exec Departs for Mobile Play

NEW YORK Internet behavioral targeting company Revenue Science lost a top executive to a mobile search startup.

Omar Tawakol, who was chief marketing officer at Revenue Science, has left the Bellevue, Wash., firm to join Medio Systems, a Seattle-based startup that is looking to be the Google of the mobile world.

At Medio, Tawakol, 38, will be chief advertising officer, a newly created position at the 3-year-old company that provides mobile search applications to carriers like Verizon and Telus in Canada. He will develop Medio’s advertising network, which will serve Internet search-style keyword listings and banner ads.

The company, which closed an $11 million round of venture financing a year ago, faces stiff competition from Internet giants. Both Google and Yahoo are trying to transfer their Internet search technology to the cell phone. Tawakol said the dynamics of the cell phone are so much different than the Web that a mobile-focused entrant like Medio can steal a march on the Internet leaders.

“The carriers own the space,” he said. “You need a model that lets the carrier win, and Google and Yahoo try to commoditize the carriers.”

Tawakol declined to detail his reasons for departing Revenue Science. He is the second top executive to leave the company in the past six months. In April, Nick Johnson, its chief revenue officer, left to join Reuters as vice president of ad sales.

Revenue Science works with publishers and advertisers to run ad campaigns tied to consumer Web behavior. DigiMine, which subsequently assumed the Revenue Science Name, purchased Tawakol’s company, CoRelation, when he joined the firm in 2001.

Most recently, Tawakol was driving Revenue Science’s search retargeting service, which allows advertisers to track down non-converting visitors from search engines to shown them a follow-up ad offer.