Reuters Airs Global Ads

With the Internet cluttering the marketplace for data providers, Reuters breaks its first corporate image campaign this week, a $40 million global branding effort from DDB Needham and BMP DDB.
The ads position the venerable news service as a beacon of clarity in an age of “information overload.”
The U.S. portion of the campaign consists of four print ads and a TV spot set to air in October.
Each print ad uses visual metaphors to position Reuters’ products as precision tools. One features an imposing photo of a large field of grass. At the bottom of the ad is a smaller shot of a ladybug on a single blade, next to the client’s new tagline, “We know what you’re looking for.” Another ad shows a snow-covered forest, and then a smaller photo of a single snow flake. The copy reads, “In a world of information overload, Reuters can help you find what you need to know.”
The company opted for the image campaign to maintain its brand name in a crowded segment, said Burt Shulman, director of marketing communications at Reuters America.
The first ad in the $15 million U.S. leg breaks in the Sept. 7 issue of Business Week, with additional buys in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company and Wired. The TV spot, still in production, will present themes similar to the print ads.
Spending on past service-specific Reuters advertising never exceeded $5 million, said Shulman. The client’s previous tagline was, “The business of information.”
Reuters leads the category with 457,000 subscribers. Its primary rivals are Bloomberg and Bridge Information Systems. The client hired the sister agencies in New York and London last year after a review involving undisclosed shops.