Retirement Plans

Not that work isn’t a gas, mind you. It’s just that non-work has its own appeal. As you can see from the chart below, which draws on a Gallup poll fielded last month, a majority of current workers would (if finances were not an issue) prefer to call it quits well before the traditional retirement age. When the poll’s respondents were asked to say what they expect, rather than what they’d wish, the average anticipated retirement age for current non-retirees was 64. Bear in mind though, that people have been redefining retirement in a way that includes plenty of work. Surveys in recent years have consistently found many folks expect (and, often, even want) to work at least part-time once they “retire” from their regular careers. In this Gallup poll, just 33 percent of non-retirees said they want to stop work entirely when they formally retire. And some would just as soon not quit at all: While 69 percent said they’re “looking forward” to retirement, 25 percent said they’re “dreading” it.