Retelling the ‘Truth’

New television commercials from Maxxcom’s Crispin Porter + Bogusky for the State of Florida Department of Health’s “Truth” campaign take a less aggressive tone than previous work.

The Miami agency’s second effort on behalf of the Tallahassee, Fla.-based client continues to educate viewers on the dangers of second-hand smoke. But unlike the earlier “Lab Rats” campaign, which featured poisoned rodents, “Bubble Guy” poses the question, “If you could live your life without second-hand smoke, how would you do it?”

According to CP+B associate creative director Tom Adams, you would need to live in a bubble. “We’re getting a little closer to the individual in these,” he said. “So we wanted to use a different tone.”

In two 30-second spots that broke earlier this month, a man in a clear plastic bubble interacts with friends and family in various locations. The device protects him from smoke, but separates him as well. CP+B hopes that isolation resonates with the ad’s primary target—teens.

“While they understand how dangerous smoking is, watching parents and friends smoke tends to normalize it,” said Adams. “These spots seek to de-normalize it.”

Adams said airing the ads on teen-oriented shows with “adult spillover” such as Friends and The Osbournes will prompt kids and parents to discuss the subject.

“Truth” informational inserts ap-peared in the January issues of Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated.