Oink Ink Radio in New York is once again celebrating the best spots never heard over commercial airwaves.
The second annual “dead radio” contest invites agencies to submit their “best . . . never-produced scripts” for consideration.
“Every copywriter we’ve ever worked with has a drawer or computer full of great radio scripts that never got off the ground. In other words, the client killed ’em,” said Oink Ink president Dan Price. “Well, now’s the time to dust them off.”
Last year, two Atlantans were honored with awards. Jerry Williams of Fitzgerald & Co. took second for an Atlanta Braves script, and third place was claimed by Mike McGinty of Austin Kelley Advertising for a Georgia Lottery ad.
Entrants must submit their unused scripts by April 15. Details are on the company’s Web site (
The winning copywriter will receive a trip to New York to witness what he or she never experienced with the script: Oink will actually produce the spot free of charge.
–Glen Fes