Rest Easy

The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Oakland are looking for a few good corpses.
A recent campaign by Potter/Katz of North Hollywood, Calif., for the cemeteries shows the lots as the ideal place to spend an eternity.
Both print and TV ads use the tagline “God is here” and show the cemetery as more of a pastoral setting than a grim reminder of our mortality.
The ads are aimed at Catholics–both devout churchgoers and those who only show up on holidays.
“The key message is that cemeteries are a ritual and spiritual extension of the church,” agency spokesman Robert Sax said.
“The theme has been controversial.”
The funny thing is, it’s working. Sax says the ads have led to an increase in cemetery property sales. What’s more, the ads have been featured on local TV news stories and in daily newspapers.
The first ads broke in March. Sax said the agency is planning a second series of ads that will follow the same themes as the initial push. This time, the work will show how death and burial are an integral part of a Catholic’s life.