Research for OOH Video Metrics At Hand

Both Nielsen Media Research and Arbitron are quietly laying the groundwork to measure out-of-home video networks, a $1.3 billion business and one of the fastest-growing segments of out-of-home. The initiatives coincide with the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau’s push to standardize research and metrics for the segment as outlined in the group’s Audience Metric Guidelines, presented on April 18 to the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ media research committee.

Arbitron proposes using its portable people meter radio service in the top markets to measure “encoded” out-of-home networks. Nielsen, which has been measuring cinema for several years (and like Mediaweek, is part of The Nielsen Co.), plans to standardize the format and metrics of custom studies it has conducted for networks and publish audience reports in the coming weeks with health club network Ideacast and Gas Station TV.

“When two of the biggest research companies in the world are putting efforts behind this industry, it’s great,” said Suzanne Alecia, president of OVAB, which last week added CBS Outernet, Arena Media Network and Zoom Media to its membership. “Our goal is to develop guidelines so that any network can put them into practice with the research company of their choice.”

OVAB’s guidelines address several issues that have made the out-of-home segment difficult to plan and buy, including common audience metrics to evaluate the volume and size of OOH video networks compared with other media. OVAB hopes to publish and distribute the final document in June.