Report: Purchase Decisions Happen In-Store

More shoppers are making lists before they reach a store, though they continue to make brand purchase decisions inside, according to a new report from Miller Zell.

Miller Zell, an Atlanta-based retail consultancy, polled 999 consumers online in March shortly after they made shopping trips. The results were compiled in a report titled, Gone in 2.3 Seconds: Capturing Shoppers with Effective In-Store Triggers.

The report found that digital signage has gained traction in influencing planned purchases–though not unplanned purchases–and that Internet ads have little impact on either planned or unplanned purchases.

In addition, price-focused messaging is age sensitive. Baby Boomers, for example, still prefer product-orientated messages (93 percent rated it very to extremely important) to price-point messages (86 percent).

Curt Johnson, svp of consumer goods at Miller Zell, outlined the report’s findings today during a presentation at the In-store Marketing Summit at McDonald’s Hamburger University in Oakbrook, Ill.