Rent-A-Center Fights Consumer ‘Frustration’

DALLAS Rent-A-Center this week breaks a multimedia campaign from Razor Competitive Edge themed “Frustration fantasies” that will appear in broadcast, print and online media, as well as in-store promotions.

TV spots feature everyday people struggling with broken-down household appliances, home electronics or furniture. In each case, the consumers drift into fantasies of sweet revenge.

In “Electronics Breakdown,” a sports fan hangs a malfunctioning TV set on a rope in his front yard and smashes it with a baseball bat as neighbors cheer him on. The spot segues into a scene with RAC delivering a flat-screen TV. The spot carries the tagline used last year: “We make it easy to make it your own.”

Other spots include a frosted-over freezer and a sofa that’s lost the spring in its springs.

RAC, a national rental chain based in Plano, Texas, spent $45 million on advertising in 2005 and close to $55 million through November 2006, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

“Our message of new, name brand merchandise paired with easy payment options and no high interest credit card fees strongly resonates with our consumers,” said Ann Davids, RAC’s chief marketing officer.

Razor Competitive Edge, an independent agency in Addison, Texas, created a network of shops called the RAC Marketing Alliance to develop the campaign. The Launch Agency of Carrollton, Texas, contributes creative concepts, while Carat manages media. Co. Jones of Dallas develops the Hispanic advertising.

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