Register’s Ad School Is in Session

NEW YORK New York. Richmond. Miami. Boston?

David Register, a former creative director at Havas’ Arnold, hopes to add Boston to the roster of cities known for their advertising schools. In January he will open his own, OptionR.

Register will teach two eight-week programs that cost $950. The non-credit classes will have a maximum of 12 students and meet once a week.

“I’m going to be the one teaching the classes, not like a guest teacher. This is my class and my school,” said Register. “I’m not giving any kind of credits or a diploma. You can’t leave Boston University and take credits here.”

Register, a copywriter by trade, worked on Fidelity Investments at Arnold in Boston and on Nextel at Wenham, Mass.-based Mullen.

Asked why the world needs another ad school, Register said he wasn’t seeing exceptional work coming out of the Boston schools. “The best books you’re seeing these days aren’t coming out of Boston. They’re coming out of the portfolio centers and the University of Texas.”

The school is aimed at those just coming out of college looking to get into the advertising business and those who already work in the business but want to move to the creative side. “The school is for creatives and people with creative inclinations coming out college who want to be writers, designers or art directors,” said Register.

“When I worked in advertising, there were always people in public relations or design that wanted to make the move to the creative department. Those people are a perfect target for the class,” he said.