Refreshed, Delta Dawns

NEW YORK Part of a new campaign for Delta Air Lines, this print ad piqued my interest enough to make me stop and read it. It conveys the idea of newness and revolution in a subtle way: no planes, uninformed crews or airport lounges. Instead, it’s a design lover’s dream, with the clean, modern typeface (Whitney) that seems so refreshing it might just usher in a skinny, sans serif-kind of moment in the culture. On the left, the three-line head is just angled upward enough to suggest takeoff without being too damn cutesy. Plus, the red, arrow-like Delta “widget” appeals to the eye while helping to keep the headline aloft. Then there’s the mention of dirty martinis. That will get your attention. So will the sincerity of the copy, talking about new offerings, and inviting readers to be part of the “air travel revolution.” The photo on the second page is also subtle and smart. It’s abstract enough to be a painting. And it plays off the “clean” and “dirty” headline perfectly: the glass is clean, modern and transparent, while the olive reads “dirty.” It’s also futuristic, yet comfortingly traditional. There’s still enough of a suggestion of 1950s innocence to convey an easier, more glamorous time in air travel. I’m all for the shake-up.