Reese’s “Global Warming”

Global warming isn’t funny, but I just couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this new 15-second Reese’s spot from Arnold that, um, puts the crises in proper perspective. “Stop global warming now,” reads onscreen yellow type, in large capital letters against an orange background, as ominous music builds. “Or,” the warning continues as a round shape begins to fade in and the punch line is delivered, “all the Reese’s will melt.” A graphic treatment gives the scene a hazy wiggle that emulates rising heat as a bite is chomped out of the chocolate peanut butter cup and the logo appears with the name of the new campaign, “Perfect.” Other spots poke fun at sharing, “stupid, but nice,” the origins of the candy, “chocolate and peanut butter walk in a bar,” and the act of unwrapping the candy, “they look even better undressed.” The ads, which feel like animated print executions, are mouth-wateringly simple and whimsically give the product personality and make it the star. –Eleftheria Parpis

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